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Born in the Philippines. Live in Brooklyn.
All images are original works.

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S.T.C. TV Spot 2

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New Record Label. Brooklyn, NYC.

Linden Troy performing Burned Out Candles live with The Nublak in Brooklyn, NYC, March 2013.


D.A.P. performing EPIC live with The Nublak in Brooklyn, NYC, March 2013.

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"I’d love to share a life full of richness with you: Richness not in terms of events, incidents, facts or experiences; but richness in terms of a colourful, adventurous, enthusiastically unraveling life. I’d love to lose all privileges of existence as long as I might have a small chance of walking on water with you."

- Katherine Mansfield, Selected Letters

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Painting. After Japanese earthquake & tsunami. “Heiwa.” 2011.
Manifest in actions, not in sentiments.